You Can Jump Right In

Oh, hi, guys.  Is this really happening?  I’ve finally started my blog!  

You know, that awesome blog I always talked about starting, the one that was going to have all these great health tips and anecdotes about my (many) travels and reviews on major fashion events and all the things that I always talk about in “real life” but never end up posting anywhere?

Yeah, that’s what this is about.  Welcome.  Take a moment to put me in your RSS feed or “follow” me or do what you need to do to read the things I am going to write.  Muchas gracias.

I call this ol’ thing ThisFItBlonde because that’s my brand now, but more so because that’s my life now.  I work in fitness (personal trainer; group exercise instructor; nutritionist – in the industry we call people like me “hybrid fitness professionals“) and much of my life is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness; stuff like healthy cooking, working out, running marathons, getting enough sleep (scintillating!), and helping others reach their goals through coaching and training.

But worry not, those of you who have no interest in fitness or fashion, because although I do my best to live a healthy life, I am also committed to living a balanced one, and for me that balance includes things like craft beer and nachos, both of which will probably make recurring appearances on this blog.  So please, folks, no freaking out if the trainer posts a picture of an amazing foie gras terrine and a couple glasses of wine from time to time; this is real life, and I am a real person.

I suppose that’s all for now.  I am so glad you’re here.  Let’s take this ride together.


2 thoughts on “You Can Jump Right In

  1. And we’re glad to be here. Anyone out there trying to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle better jump on board. ThisFitBlonde knows what she’s talking about.


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