Greek Food & Tight Hips

greekI cooked tonight; this is always a small feat for me.  As a trainer I work three basic shifts – the (early) morning, the midday, and the evenings.  These shifts correspond to when people want to work out, of course – before and after work, and on their lunch breaks.  Seems simple enough, right?

But think of when you do things in your normal day – things like getting your workout in, or making dinner, or taking a shower.  Typically you are doing these things during the time that I am working – which means that I must fit in my seemingly “normal” tasks around a seemingly impossible schedule.

Sob stories aside, I feel great when I cook – I love doing it, my fiance loves me doing it, and it puts me at ease to know that I have full control over what I’m putting into my body, and that I can make the healthy choices I prefer.

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a recipe I had for a homemade hummus with spiced beef.  I added bulgur, cucumber salad, roasted pine nuts, and feta to the mix and made a legit meal out of it with a side arugula salad.  It was such a big hit that the fiance even wanted some for lunch the next day (a big victory for me since he hates leftovers).

In other news, I added a ton of cumin to the beef for its anti-inflammatory properties – mainly because my left hip is on FIRE.  The pain is deep, one-sided, and it’s spreading – I woke up this morning with the entire left side of my back feeling like it’s thrown out (a sure sign I am compensating for the hip pain with an odd gait change – never a good thing).

Sigh.  Such is life when you don’t get a single day’s break from SOME sort of exercise.  That said, tomorrow is a yoga day.  Yoga and 6.5 miles running.  But definitely yoga.

Do you guys like to cook?  And do you have any tips for tight hips?!?


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