Fully Flexin’

So apparently I need to get hip to the blogger/Instagrammer trends – and #FlexFriday is one of them.  

Coming the day after #ThrowbackThursday, it appears that Flex Friday is a day to flex your muscles in the mirror, take a selfie, and post it up with pride.  I’m cool with that.  Unlike a lot of the hipsters that love to complain about selfies, I actually find them really interesting.  It’s a completely self-determined way of creating your image exactly as you want it – you get to be subject and object – and I am always curious about how and why a person presents herself on social media.

But, I digress.  Flex Friday.  Back to that.

I am thinking what I might do here on ThisFitBlonde is make Flex Friday a day to share workouts – what I’ve been doing in the gym, what I’ve been seeing in the gym, and ideas for how to change up even your regular “routine” to something more effective.

Today’s idea?  Pyramid training.

Pyramid sets are a training variation where you build reps up to a peak, then back it down with the same rep counts.  The challenge is to use the same weight even as you move up in reps – work through the challenge.  My favorite pyramids are those that work the same muscle group into fatigue using three different exercises, then kick in the intensity with a “finishing” move – such as the ones I’ll give you here:


4X pushups / 4X bench press / 4X flye – 8X of all – 16X of all – 8X of all – 4X of all to finish; then 1 minute plank


4X deep squats / 4X deadlifts / 4X lunges per leg – 8X of all – 16X of all – 8X of all – 4X to finish, then 1 minute jump squats


4X hollow rocks / 4X V-ups / 4X Russian twists per side – 8X of all – 16X of all – 8X of all – 4X to finish, then 1 minute bicycles

Have you ever tried a pyramid set?  What three exercises would you like to put together in a pyramid?

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