Weekend Roundup: Spreading Some Link Love

They say that the best bloggers regularly visit and read other blogs – so I’ve been trying to spread my love around the Internet as much as possible, compiling only the best links for my ThisFitBlonde Facebook page (please go visit!) and reading up on topics as diverse as makeup tips, fitness trends, wedding planning, fashion looks, travel ideas, party planning concepts, new recipes, and all sorts of other stuff that I find pertinent to a well-rounded wellness lifestyle.

That said, I figured you guys might want to know where I’m getting some of my great tips and links, so each weekend, instead of writing up one of my witty and interesting (cough) posts, I’ll share some of my favorite bloggers and posts.  Sound good?  Here we go.

Are you as obsessed with coconut as I am?  Check out these amazing – and easy – coconut spread recipes.

I’m planning a wedding.  And I LOVE color.  This pop-art wedding inspiration shoot makes me smile.

When you run, you get ravenous.  So here are some ways to tame your running hunger – yes, it’s called runger.

I get wildly different responses from others when I am wearing makeup and not.  This could be why.

Don’t let your confidence be dictated by your skinny jeans.  That said, said jeans can make for a great workout idea.

Small spaces baffle me – what to do with no real room for design?  Turns out you can do the whole thing on $500 or less.

I try not to splurge on workout tops, as said.  But this cheeky one might have to be my exception.

What have you been reading online lately?  Any amazing blogs I should know about??






2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Spreading Some Link Love

  1. The makeup article was really interesting. I didn’t really get the “trustworthy” or “responsible” feelings from any of the people just based on makeup, but it did prove one point I stand by: EVERYONE looks better with a little makeup. Some look good with a lot, some don’t, but no one looks great without it. Everybody needs a little mascara and some concealer to fix undereye circles – that ALWAYS looks better than au natural. I look unattractive without makeup, but I think even just a little makes me look pretty good. Every female should own mascara.


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