Rituals & Routines

I love routines.  Always have.  Nothing makes me happier than settling into a routine that I can maintain; nothing throws me off my game more than being, well, thrown off my game.  I love when things progress smoothly, predictably, and in order.

I know life isn’t always like that.

But what I do know is that I have total control over my schedule and time (which is the #1 thing I love about being a trainer!) and I have recently found that when I ease into my week – rather than throw myself back into 5am wakeup calls and 14-hour days right out the chute  – I have a better week overall.  And a better attitude.  And I am a better trainer for my clients and better partner for my fiance.

Mondays I don’t start work until noon (whoop!) – and although I work until 8:30pm to make up for it, I still wouldn’t give up these quiet, coffee-fueled mornings for anything.  I catch up on TV shows from the week prior (currently The Biggest Loser, Top Chef Duels, and Say Yes to the Dress, in case you’re wondering), make a leisurely breakfast, and do my computer-based work comfortably, without rushing, and without feeling guilty.

It’s total bliss.

Life changes and shifts, and the way I handle those changes is to keep adapting my routine to these little moments of sanity.  For now, it’s Monday-morning coffee.  On Tuesday nights I try to get in a bubble bath and facial mask.  I used to have hip-hop class on Fridays (gotta get back on that!) to get me energized for the weekend and I love doing restorative yoga on Sunday nights to “close out” the week with peace and serenity.  None of these little rituals last forever, but they are in my life right now, and I am grateful for them.

How do you establish ritual and routine in your daily life?  What fitness habits keep you sane?

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