Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Ever heard of Fabletics?  Yep, it’s Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand – and it’s all the rage.  When she launched the brand, their savvy PR team reached out to a bunch of local L.A. trainers (including yours truly!) to join up as “Fabletics Ambassadors.”

From the start, I never really understood the program.  You basically give some shout-outs to Fabletics, pump your referral link all over your social networks, and hope that people will buy stuff and get you credits.  I’ve never been comfortable with this business model; I am all about letting people know when I love and support a product, but I absolutely hate the idea of pushing products onto other people for my own gain.  I am not a born salesman; never will be.

Intermittently during the program we got “surveys” asking random questions about the products and imploring us to hold Fabletics “events,” another concept I never really latched onto (come to the gym – and buy my stuff!).  I was once featured on the Fabletics blog as a guest writer, but even that never really took off as a prominent feature of the program.

I just didn’t get it.

Long story short, today I got a “thanks but no thanks” email from the Fabletics peeps, letting me know that because I hadn’t held any events, I would not be needed in the upcoming year of the program.

And I could not be more relieved.

To be honest, I never loved the Fabletics gear – I only liked it, and liked it in the way you like a plain old white T-shirt in the back of your closet – you’re glad you have it, it has its uses, but more or less you forget that it’s even there and only pull it out when everything else is in the wash.  I was never excited for Fabletics.  I was never gushing to my friends about Fabletics, nor would I consider it on par with my fave fitness brands – even my trusty (read: cheap and amazing) Old Navy.

On my way out, I of course had to use up the credits I DID have, so I picked up this graphic yellow top, ombre capri pants, and cool painter-print shorts.  Fingers are crossed that the inconsistent sizing in the brand works in my favor…

…but I am now a free agent – and ready to explore some up-and-coming brands to really find the cutting-edge fitness wear I so desperately seek – things with cool colors, flattering cuts, creative patterns, and multi-use pieces that I can actually wear “in real life” without looking like I just jumped off a Spin bike (which, by the way, I almost always AM doing).

Until I have the capital to design and produce my own fitnesswear, I’d love to see the best of what’s out there – and track down the “next big thing” in terms of cool, cute, functional gym clothing and accessories.  So that said:

What are your favorite fitness brands?  What do you always WISH you had but can never find in the stores?  Let’s brainstorm together!


2 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Ooh…I would not be interested in a product that pushed me to push sales onto other people for “credit”. I know it’s not quite it, but is too “pyramid scheme-y” to me. Plus I don’t like having strings attached to something when all I want is to buy some great products! Disappointed to learn about this. I was really intrigued by Fabletics!


    xxo Carly


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