Double Vision

It’s been a while since I posted a workout for you guys, and I’ve been experimenting with this one with some of my stronger clients and it’s a killer – so I figured I could share with you fine readers.

The basic idea is this:  you take two exercises – one focusing on strength, and one focusing on cardio – and you do the strength for 10 reps and the cardio for 20.  At the end of the set, after a short interval (either jump rope, running, or kettlebell swings), you reverse the set and hit the strength movements for 20 reps (adjusting weight if necessary) and the cardio for 10.

Say what?  Let me illustrate with the set list below:


2 minutes jump rope, 3 minute jog, or 1 minute kettlebell swings


10 squat-shoulder press / 20 squat jumps

10 lunge- biceps curl / 20 lunge jumps

10 plank-row / 20 mountain climbers

1 minute jump rope / kettlebell swings or 2 minute sprint, then:

20 squat-press / 10 squat jumps

20 lunge-curl / 10 lunge jumps

20 plank-row / 10 mountain climbers


10 decline push-ups / 20 bench jumps

10 step-ups per leg / 20 step plyos

10 deadlift-rows / 20 burpees

1 minute jump rope / kettlebell swings or 2 minute sprint, then:

20 decline push-ups / 10 bench jumps

20 step-ups per leg / 10 step plyos

20 deadlift-rows / 10 burpees


Stretch and breathe deeply – you’re done!

At the end of the month, I’ll be giving a talk at the Fox Studios about exercise intensity – and this is one example of how high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help you “up the ante” on stale workouts using familiar exercises and easy patterns.

I’d love to know if you give my Double Vision workout a try – leave me feedback after you sweat it out!

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