Kickin’ It

Perhaps I’m an oddball, but some of my happiest times are when I can just spend a night alone – relaxing, planning, playing dress up (more on that later) and just enjoying the pleasure of my own company.

Don’t get me wrong – I love living with Nick, and I love hanging out with friends and family – but as an introvert, I really do need my alone time in a deep and fundamental way.  It recharges me.  It makes me ready to face the world another day.

When I’m on my own I feel like the world is my oyster (although admittedly I spend wayyyy too much time on the internet when no one is making demands on my time).  I cut pictures out of magazines and pin them to my fashion inspiration board (yep, even with Pinterest, I still keep a real, physical pinboard in my closet).  I  take long, luxurious bubble baths with various scrubs, masks, and lotions – and a stack of magazines.  I dress up in my clothes I haven’t worn in a while to see if I still like them, and put together full outfits for future events, whether actual or imagined.

I just get to be me, sometimes.

Tonight is one of those nights.  I had a lot of work to do, so I decided to stay in.  I made myself a nice little (simple) dinner, figured out some outfits for upcoming events, tried a new eyeliner look, caught up on blogs, and settled in to an In Living Color marathon on TV.  It’s been a blissful waste-of-time type of evening, and already I feel calmer and decompressed from the week.

Why can’t I do this every week?

Life gets busy, and part of that busy-ness is what makes life fun – but sometimes I feel so overscheduled, overstressed, and overcommitted that it seems like I’ll never have a moment to myself again.  It’s important to reconnect with your most stripped-down, essential self every now and then – I hope you guys can get some time like that this weekend.

What are your relaxation rituals?  What do you like to do when you are finally, peacefully alone?


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