Weekend Roundup

I’ve been spending wayyyy too much time on the interwebs this week, so I want to at least have something to show for it:

Gluten-free pumpkin white chocolate cookie dough balls.  YEAH YOU HEARD WHAT I SAID.

Agonizing over the cost of what could be the world’s cutest and most stylish workout top ever.

Just about the cutest “look at my new last name!” decorative item – and one I’d actually put into my home.

Oktoberfest is almost OVER in Germany and I haven’t attended one here yet – nor had any of these beers!  Someone help!

An America without Saturday-morning cartoons?  This is not the country I know and love.

So many pumpkin-spiced things to choose from this Fall.  So few that are remotely healthy – or even contain real pumpkin.

Bored with your own healthy snack food?  Try a something a little more worldly.

Practice makes perfect – in fitness, life, and the daily challenge of getting your greens.

Have I missed anything major this week?  What’s life like in your end of the virtual universe?


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