Fall Forever

Those of you outside Southern California may not realize that we are suffering one of the worst late-season heat waves in recent history.  Indian summer?  I wish.  This is more like Montezuma’s Revenge in seasonal form.  It’s October, for Pete’s sake.  Throw us a bone here, seasons.

That it is 90 degrees outside; however, does not mean that time is not passing.  It is.  And thus the greatness of fall has officially begun.

A lot of people say fall is their favorite season, and I’m a band-wagoner on that (although I really truly love winter, too – it’s a definite tie between the two).  It is just so chock full of amazing things that no other season can possible match.  Like what, you ask?

How about some Halloween?  Yep.  Between costume parties (Nick and I ADORE dressing up and are often “best dressed” at costume events just for going all-out), Mickey’s Halloween Party (we are taking my niece for the first time this year!), and the fact that Halloween is on a Friday this year, we are gearing up for a maximum-fun dress-up-and-drink-up situation.  And I love every moment of it.

Speaking of loved moments, when’s the last time you sat down and just enjoyed a seasonal coffee beverage?  All of us in health and wellness know about the death chemicals contained within the pumpkin spice treats, but man – sometimes you gotta indulge.  And fall is that time.  With no shame I admit the following: I have had exactly one Starbucks PSL, two Butter Pecan almond-milk lattes from CBTL (seriously guys – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, drop everything and get one NOW), and an almond-milk pumpkin chai since the “season” started in mid-September.  It’s a must.

Another fall favorite is of course Thanksgiving – both the time spent eating with family and the massive amounts of shopping.  Oh, the shopping!  This year the fam and I are teaming up with a close friend’s family for a supersized Thanksgiving of epic proportion at Paradise Cove in Malibu – yep, turkey and pumpkin pie with our toes in the sand.  Not only does that sound heavenly, but it will keep up close enough to home to hit up the massive Black Friday sales at the Camarillo Premium Outlets – a stressful but well-worth-it battle of the bargains.

Um, did we not mention the return of football yet?  As a USC (college) and Chicago Bears (pro) fan, fall is both an exciting and heartbreaking time of year – but I love watching it, win or lose.  Not only do I like and understand football, but I love the ritual that comes with it – tailgating, wearing team gear, drinking beer (duh), getting heated in defense of your team – it’s all part of the package and it’s all fun to me.  Even better?  Getting to rep my team with the amazingness of the NFL Shop pro gear – seriously the cutest athletic gear you can imagine!

And finally – fall fitness events.  There is no better time to run a marathon, triathlon, or themed run than the fall – especially here in SoCal.  I have a friend running the Chicago Marathon this weekend (go Val!) and a few running the NIKE Women’s 1/2 Marathon next week.  I personally look forward to a nice local Turkey Trot and the annual Santa Monica Venice Christmas Run (never missed this race since 2006!) – it’s just a great time to be outdoors and rock your body right.

What do you guys love about fall?  What are your rituals and traditions?


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