Love Your Body – For Real

I am conflicted about the whole “love your body” movement.  I mean, the basic message is airtight – be proud of what you have – but I feel like it too often goes one of two ways: either a) “love” your body but secretly still desire to be a size 0, or b) actually love your body, but prepare to be judged if that body is anything outside the accepted feminine norms of size, shape, muscularity, etc.

Rock and a hard place, as always.

That’s why I love events like the upcoming Annual Love Your Body Fashion Show, where women from all different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and gender presentations are invited to come together and enjoy the things that make every body feel good – yoga, massages, manicures, tasty food, amazing clothing, and a community that accepts and welcomes the diversity of women.

My favorite part?  The event is open to girls age 8 and older, which means you can bring your daughters, nieces, and other important young ladies in your life to the event and show them what acceptance, beauty, difference, and self-love look like.  There’s not a woman on the planet who couldn’t use a dose of that every now and then – especially here in image-obsessed Los Angeles.

For more info, check out the event’s Facebook page and follow them for more info.  The event is Sunday, November 2nd from 10:30am-3:00pm and is completely free with pre-registration.  I’ll be there with my girl Jenny from Pugs & Pearls, and we’d love to meet up with fellow love-your-body bloggers, too!

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