Weekend Roundup

I dive into the Internet when all else fails, and this week has been a bit of a failure.  Oh well.  Let’s escape together…

I am obsessed with YouTube makeup tutorials – but seeing them attempted on real life New Yorkers is kind of hilarious.

Despite the horrific hybrid name, how have I not known about this amazing fit-fashion website before now/!?!?

Extra 30% off all the sale items at Forever 21.  I think for like $100 you can just buy the entire store.

You guys, I run.  A lot.  And I’m pretty sure I need all these ridiculously-priced but amazingly designed safety items.

So is Daryl gay or what?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Can’t wait for TWD to come back tomorrow night!

Obviously I need to know about the best Indian restaurants in the country, just in case I’m ever anywhere.

Taking advice from dogs has never done me wrong.  Ever.  You should try it.

I already have my (well under $500) wedding dress.  But perhaps the rest of you might want one of your own?

I mentioned that I run a lot, right?  Oh yeah.  So here’s one way to keep all your running/race day stuff organized.

What have you guys been into this week?  Did I miss any major web news?


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