Blogging 201: Day 2

In the world of blogging, I am a newbie – I admit that, I own that.  Which is why I feel no shame in the fact that, on the day I started TFB, I chose the first WordPress “auto-theme” that had the color pink in it and went with that.

Badda bing.

Now that I’m a more “seasoned” blogger (cough), I realize that there are lots and lots of themes out there – and it just takes a bit of time to wade through them all.  Hence today’s assignment:

photo 5B201 – Day 2 – Get Responsive

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and familiarize yourself with the features of responsive design.  So in order to fulfill this assignment, I did the following:

  • tested about ten different responsive themes on my laptop and phone (my apologies to any readers to came by during my “experiments” – I promise I’ll leave it alone for a while!)
  • selected and customized my *new* chosen theme
  • asked my readers to let me know how they read my blog and how the page looks on their devices

Oh, as for that third point?  Help a sister out.  My blogging education and personal satisfaction depend on it…

How do you read ThisFitBlonde?  Does TFB look great on your tablet, computer, or phone – or not so much?

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