Week(ly) Roundup

Ok ok, it’s not technically the weekend.  You win, readers.  But I have a great excuse: this past weekend was my bridal shower (post pending!) – so I didn’t have a ton of time to sit down on the ol’ laptop and get the creative juices flowing.

That said, no time like the present.  Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been paying attention to this past week:

One of my fave bloggers talks about Minted.com, which I’ve always wanted to try but never have.  You?

Burberry plaid is of course classic – but also insanely expensive.  These scarves would do me just fine.

I’m a big believer in the power of anti-inflammatory and metabolism-boosting spices, and the beautiful skin and healthy body of my girl Lauren Conrad suggest that she is, too.

Humor me for one last pumpkin recipe link before we move on to Christmas recipes.

He started from the bottom – and suddenly there’s three new amazing Drake songs.  Listen up!

Um obviously I love fashionable workout clothes, and I am all about mesh this season.

If you aren’t using HAC in your daily makeup routine, well, you aren’t getting your maximum ROI on cheekbones.

Ugh I hate SHAPE magazine.  But I do appreciate a strong article on the power of deep breathing.

And finally, in honor of Halloween – it makes my feminist heart cry to know that this costume exists.

What have you been reading this weekend?  Any Halloween-related links out there?

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