Weekend Roundup

Time to sort through the chaff of blog links to find the wheat – and believe me, it’s quite a wheaty week!  I feel like the advent of fall brings an abundance of inspiration in the blogiverse, and I love the recipes, fashion inspiration, and holiday ideas that come of it.

Wait – you mean there’s such a thing as fitness fashion stylists?!?!  HOW DO I NOT HAVE THIS JOB?!?!

I know I already posted it on Facebook, but guys, I was a guest poster on Talk About Beauty this week!  Check it out!

I’m trying to convince myself I need an “L.A. winter” coat, and this one’s only $52.  I need it, right?

Sometimes I need motivation to keep writing.  This is a solid reminder.

My friend writes for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, but the best part of my week is when he posts the jokes they didn’t use.  Hilarious.

The definitive power ranking of traditional Halloween candy – and no matter what list you look at, Reese’s always dominate (duh; that’s science).

What to do with your extra Daylight Saving hour?  Well, here’s some things you can do, whether you would actually try them or not is up to you.

I think I do a pretty good job of maintaining a comfortable guest room, but after reading this, I realized I can definitely up my game.  The bedside carafe is on order!

So nice I had to post it twice: Pumpkin-Spiced Bulletproof Coffee.  YES PLEASE.

What did I miss around the Internets this week?  What’s on your mind?

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