Weekend Roundup

Ah, early Saturday mornings – a cup of coffee from my new Keurig 2.0, the sound of the fiance snoring soundly, and a solid cloud cover to settle my mind form a busy week.

But before I head off to Detox/Retox (a running/yoga/beer-drinking hybrid class), it’s time for me to share what I’ve been looking at this week:

They’re not healthy or anything, but these four-ingredient cookies are endlessly customizable – which makes them endlessly tempting.

It actually rained for one second in L.A. this week!  So of course I feel justified in breaking out the rain-related running posts.

If you aren’t an outlet mall shopper, you’re missing out.  Here’s how to up your game to outlet mall NINJA.

My new mommies out there are always looking for ways to flatten out the “baby pooch” of the lower abdomen – this print & go guide is a good place to start.

If I wasn’t so lazy sometimes, I’d do a Fashion Fitness Friday myself on TFB.  Until then, here’s a dose from The Fitnessista.

Listen, I love healthy eating as much or more as the next guy.  But seriously – nutrition is NOT a religion.

What are you guys looking at / reading / watching this week?

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