Short & Sweet: Reader Poll

There are days when I have both the time and the inspiration to write a great blog post. There are days where I have one or the other and I make do.

Then there are days when I have neither.

So tonight, I am giving myself a free pass on writing about macros, body fat, kettlebells, organizing, fashion, and/or all of the other scintillating topics featured on this blog to ask a simple question:

Does anyone have a great recommendation for a fitness/gym backpack?

Not a bag, mind you – a literal backpack, something I can wear on my back and walk far distances (keeping in mind I walk about 10 miles per day and need something comfortable, padded straps would be great) while hauling such items as Spin shoes, clean AND dirty gym clothing, a large clipboard, and at times up to two water bottles.

This is not UNlike my current stinky bag.

And can I even ask that it be kind of cute?

Right now I am carrying a black backpack that, while functional, is starting to fall apart, smells like feet, has been soaked through by water and other liquids at least thrice, and would only appear stylish to a teenage skater boi and/or his emo girlfriend.  So help me.

My price point is “open” right now – because fitness is my full-time job, I’d be open to spending more money on a really nice/adorable bag, but I’d rather keep it in the under-$100 range if possible.  So help me out here, people:

Please leave me a comment, Facebook comment, or #instagram tag of a fitness backpack you love!

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