Would Amanda Eat It?

Welcome back to my brand-new Tuesday blog feature: would Amanda eat it?

The idea is this: you submit a photo of / link to a food product you’re unsure about health-wise, and I will give it an honest assessment of whether or not I would include this food in my own diet.

Caveat: I am not here to dismiss and/or judge whether something is healthy or not; usually a quick look at the label can do that for you.  I just want to give you the pros and cons of a given food and let you know if it would have a place in my lifestyle mantra – which is, in case you missed it – healthy living with a side of indulgence.

Without further ado, this week’s contender – Dave’s Killer Bread.

The good:

  • Dave’s is a fully certified organic, GMO-free bread with no artificial flavors, colors, or additives, which means you can feed it to children without feeling like you’re poisioning them
  • Speaking of children, they may actually eat this healthy bread, because the texture and taste are very similar to “normal” bread (though there is still not a “white” option)
  • No matter what, you’ll find a variety you like – they have everything from rye to sprouted to honey wheat – and thin-sliced options too if you’re really watching calories and carbs
  • Dave’s has a lot of protein (for bread) – up to 6 grams per slice in some varieties – and a good amount of fiber, too (5-6 grams per slice)

The bad:

  • I can’t help but compare Dave’s to my preferred/recommended bread, Ezekiel Low-Sodium.  Whereas ELS has ZERO milligrams of sodium OR sugar per 80-calorie slice, Dave’s breads have between 100-160 milligrams of sodium and 3-5 grams sugar per 110-calorie slice
  • Most of Dave’s breads contain sugar (honey) and flour, two ingredients that most of us don’t need any more of
  • Bread is, of course, still a huge source of carbs – 21-23g per (non-sprouted) slice for Dave’s, and in my macros, that’s too “carb-expensive” (ELS, by the way, has only 15g per slice).

The verdict:

  • If I was at, say, a family cookout, and the choices were Wonder Bread, hamburger buns, and Dave’s Killer Bread – it’s a no brainer – Amanda would eat it!
  • But in my home, when I’m doing the shopping, we choose Ezekiel Low-Sodium Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, which I still believe is the healthier choice overall

Would you eat Dave’s Killer bread?  Why or why not?

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