Weekend Roundup

The weekend is here – hurrah! – so before I head off to run errand after errand, I wanted to check in with you readers about some of my favorite things going around the internet this week:

STOP – before you go on living, behold the new Beyonce video.  It’s absolutely amaze.

Sometimes you want a little beauty luxury, but your pocketbook says no go.  These cheapy treats make it possible.

I am obsessed with texture in decorating.  These ideas make it look cool and not cheesy.

I don’t typically wear calf compression sleeves when I run – but I could start.

Oops, I just went double-Yonce on this b*tch.  But this other new video sparks a little controversy and I like the beat to boot.

There are ways to have a “healthier” Thanksgiving – but starving yourself and using low-fat products aren’t it.

Can’t we all use a new, super-tasty green juice recipe?

Want to get massively depressed about life?  This student loan calculator breaks down how long it’ll take you to pay back your loans – based on your major.

What’s buzzing in your corner of the internet world?  Share in comments!

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