Flex Friday: Squats & A Six-Pack

It’s #flexfriday again and here at TFB we are ready to get serious!  The holidays are no time to slack on your workouts – but then again, it can be tough to squeeze in your regular program while trying to bake, shop, work, decorate, and get to all the other “to-dos” of the season.

When time gets crunched, it’s important to focus on large muscle groups and short-rest, high-intensity intervals to make the most of a brief workout.  This week’s Flex Friday is called Squats & A Six-Pack, and focuses on the lower body and core (though believe me – your upper body sure gets worked in those planks and squat-thrusts!).

It’s important to make sure you have proper squat form before attempting any of the squat-related exercise below.  For a helpful (and short)! squat tutorial, click here.

For more details on the exercises, click on through below – and remember, great abs are made in the kitchen – so make sure to keep eating clean, drinking water, and limiting sweets & treats to special occasions throughout the holiday season.


20X each of:

Air Squats & V-Ups

Weighted Squats & Bicycle Crunches

Sumo Squats & Straight-Leg Drops

Jump Squats & Knees-to-Elbows Plank

Squat Thrusts & Reverse Crunches

What variation of the squat is your favorite?  Do you prefer crunches, planks, or another way to work your abdominal muscles?

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