The 10 Resolutions I Won’t Make in 2015

Taking a cue from my fellow blogger Kaily at Someday Sunny, I’ve been thinking (too much) about my 2015 resolutions.  I pretty much feel like you’re either a “resolutions person” or you’re not, and I’ve always been one.

What can I say?  I love goals, challenges, new beginnings, and structure.  So resolutions are my thang, yo.

In 2013, I gave up coffee for a full year.  In 2009, I wouldn’t drink a drop of alcohol until I qualified for the Boston Marathon.  In 2011, I started flossing every single day (and still do!).

But this year is going to be a big one for me.  I am getting married, changing my name, and refocusing my brand (from the now-defunct bene-fit to, of course, ThisFitBlonde!), among other unforeseen and potential surprises.  I feel like I can’t focus on resolutions right now with so much in limbo – and there’s nothing I hate more than a goal I can’t reach.

So, instead, I figured I’d make a (brief) list of the things I won’t be doing in 2015.  Consider it an act of rebellion, at least for us resolutions-types:

1. I will not stop buying the unnecessarily large 36 ounce jars of Adams peanut butter.  I stand by the fact that it’s a healthy snack and YES I NEED THAT MUCH.

2.  I will not freak out if I miss my step goal in a given day.  Yes, I set the bar unnecessarily high at 20K steps daily.  But I am not a failure if I get, say, 17,500.  It’s fine.

3.  I will not go a day (that we’re physically together) without kissing my fiance (soon to be husband!) on the lips.  A big ol’ smacker.

4.  I will not stop my newly formed habit of reading at night.  I like it.  It settles me, even if I sacrifice a few minutes of sleep for it.

5.  I will not feel guilty for drinking K-cups.  Yeah, I know they’re full of mold.  But they take like two seconds to brew at 5am, and for that I am grateful.

6.  I will not stop my addiction to buying (countless sets of) nice, matching pajamas.  I feel cute and special when I wear them, and I get them at TJ Maxx anyway, so there.

7.  That said, I will not overspend on cheap crap.  “Crap” in this case defined as food, shoes, clothes, purses, housewares, and all the other “filler” stuff that I somehow find myself dropping pointless money on when I get bored, mad, or otherwise distracted.

8.  I will not stop watching Say Yes to the Dress.  Yes, I already have my wedding dress.  And will soon be married.  But that does not diminish my enjoyment of the show one bit.

9.  I will not waste energy getting mad at online trolls/commenters.  Their lives are lonely and sad.  Why should I add to their misery with a well-crafted response to their stupidity?

10.  And finally…I will not break myself down over any of the aforementioned “will nots.” Let 2015 be the year of freedom from constraint!  Action without guilt!  Oh, the possibilities.

What resolutions won’t be on your list this year?  Let ’em go!

3 thoughts on “The 10 Resolutions I Won’t Make in 2015

  1. Awesome list! Wow, I had no clue the there was mold in the Kcup thing but now that I think about it… it makes a lot of sense! But I’m totally on board with sec coffee 😉 I love Say Yes to the Dress too! I’ve been married years in March so even though you have yours picked out, don’t worry you’re not alone, hehe.


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