Weekend Roundup

The first roundup of 2015 – ooooh, I’m nervous!  Luckily there’s a ton of awesome stuff to look at on the web right now.

Like Brogamats.  They’re exactly what you think they are: totes masculine yoga mats and accessories.

If yoga isn’t your thing, how about a cordless digital jump rope?  No fear of tripping can hold you down.

Do you hold on to your sports bras too long?  Yeah, me too.

Want to stream shows legally and with high quality?  Here are your options.

If you’re still dragging your feet on getting your fitness game going in 2015, these inspiration boards should kick you right back into gear.

Ugh, if you’re anything like me you struggle to save money and are too quick to spend it.  So that being said, here are some tips for people like me (us?).

Granted, if Nick left me hanging at the altar (in 6 weeks!) I’d have his head.  But this girl took it waaaay better, and made a fun project out of the whole ordeal.

I am dying for this globe and somehow see it as part of a future baby nursery (!).

If you’re a HAC junkie like me, holla back at these amazing highlighter products.

And finally – if you’ve overindulged this holiday season (guilty), check out this intensely detoxifying tonic – then thank me later.

What are you seeking out on the internet this week?  Anything I missed?

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