Would Amanda Eat It? Simply 7 Hummus Chips

Ah, chips.  Bane of my existence.  Love of my life.  What’s better when you’re hungry than a crunchy, salty, satisfying chip?

…which is exactly why I can’t keep them in my house.

I haven’t kept chips in the house (save in the few hours DIRECTLY before hosting a party) in years, but when my parents recently visited and left half a bag of tortilla chips, you better bet those little triangles of pure (carb-y) joy were gobbled with whatever dip/sauce/cheese I could get my hands on.  And I was ashamed.

My point is, chips are addictive.

Enter Simply 7 Hummus Chips.  They come in four varieties (sea salt, red pepper, spicy pepper, and tomato basil) and are billed as “a richer snacking experience” compared to hummus in its non-chip, basic b*tch form.

Let’s have a deeper look-see into these bad boys (the sea salt version, at least).

The good:

  • the website will list off the great points of the chip straight away – they’re GF (gluten-free, for those of you living under a rock), non-GMO, preservative-free, and contain no artificial flavors – not too bad from a “real food” point of view
  • you get a full 30 (admittedly tiny) chips for only 130 calories, which feels like a solid snack
  • they’re super low sugar (only 2g per serve)

The bad:

  • besides being low in sugar, they’re also low in fiber (like, none) and protein (2g) – so don’t be fooled, these guys are still a refined carbohydrate serving tied up with a prettier bow
  • the sodium is too high for my liking – 290g per serving would buy a one-way ticket to Bloatville for me (but I keep a very low-sodium diet, under 1400mg daily)
  • chickpea flour, potato starch, and rice – again, these are not a low-carb snack.

The verdict (and the alternative!):

  • yeah, I’d have them as a “sometimes” snack (and they’d make a great snack for kids!).  Granted, per the above, I could not have these in my house for fear of eating the whole bag in one sitting (which I would easily do, especially with the flavored kind), but if I were asked to bring “chips and dip” to a party I’d surely bring this with a Greek yogurt dip or similar to up the protein content of the whole snack.
  • alternatively, if you need a chip fix but can’t spare the carbs, have you guys tried making kale chips yet?  Skip the weird superdry versions you get in the store; a batch of really hearty kale makes for a delicious chip (and you CAN eat the whole batch!) with no guilt (or sodium bloat) to worry about.

Are you guys shameless chip addicts like me?  What quells your crunch cravings?

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