Weekly Roundup

Ah, internet, I feel so safe and cozy when I’m basking in your loving glow.  Sick as it sounds, there is something comforting about being able to just sit at home with my browser open, lazy on my couch and surfing my fave blogs from the week gone by.

That said, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the Roundup so there’s a lot to check out!

These crazy makeup hacks are almost as nuts as the blue/gold dress debacle.  Red lipstick as CONCEALER?!

A client recently insisted that I have thick hair, which almost made me cry with pride as I’ve always considered myself a thin-hair girl.  These tricks must be working!

BYE FELICIA.  Wait, that’s not right.  BYE GISELE.

Obviously my Palm Springs wedding was my favorite ever.  But this is a close second.

I don’t care if they’re “cool” or whatever, I just adore printed shorts of all kinds.

Just seeing these numbers makes my bank account shudder – my grad tuitions didn’t even touch these amounts, and I’m still feeling the burn.

I just discovered the lululemon expert blog, and now I’m addicted.  As if I needed that.

OMG I feel more stylish just because I know about this app – it turns your snaps into fashion sketches.  How cool is that?

Allow me one more wedding-related link – these amazing photo envelope liners are literal game-changers when it comes to personalized invites.  Love ’em!

What are you guys looking into this week?  Share with me your favorite links!

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