Would Amanda Eat It?

There’s nothing I love more than reader requests here on ThisFitBlonde, and this week’s Would Amanda Eat It? is just that – a personal request!

One of my favorite clients asked me to take a look at her burrito (wait, that sounded wrong…) and give it the full TFB assessment, so I obliged.  Here we go, Mexican-food-lovers:

The good:

  • this burrito is a single serving, which means you’re not getting tricked thinking your burrito only has 340 calories when really it’s “three servings”
  • 14g of meat-based protein is nothing to shake a churro at
  • all organic – USDA certified – and non-GMO to boot – so you don’t have to feel like a horrible person as you chow down on a frozen burrito

The bad:

  • ooh, Mama, that sodium – 600mg is literally half of what I try to eat in a full day
  • similar reaction to the carbs – 51g is a lot for only 4g of fiber in return
  • definitely not dairy free, which, mixed with the beans, is a recipe for GI disaster

The verdict:

  • Personally, I wouldn’t choose this here burrito – but mostly for the fact that I don’t like Mexican food.  It’s not a horrific choice for someone in a hurry that absolutely needs something to eat right this second – and cares about the ethics of their ingredients.
  • If I’m going to throw down 51g of carbs and 600mg sodium, you better believe I want something more than a measly burrito – I better get a full platter of carne asada, black beans, brown rice, and guacamole (which would have about the same nutritional punch for only about 100 more calories)

The alternative:

What’s your favorite “healthy indulgence” in terms of convenience food?

2 thoughts on “Would Amanda Eat It?

  1. Hold the phone… (I’m just now catching up on your blog.) YOU DON’T LIKE MEXICAN?! How…? What…? Um…? I’m at a loss for words! No Taco Tuesdays?!


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