Workout Wednesday: Spin Class Playlists

A student of mine came up to me after class and asked me if I post my Spin playlists on my blog.  I realized that I didn’t….but I easily could!

And so a new TFB tradition has been born.  Each Wednesday (which, by the way, is ALSO #AskAmanda Wednesdays on my Facebook page!) I will feature a recent playlist I’ve been working on with my Spin classes, along with some notes on the ride.

This week’s theme?  BOOTY WERK.  Check the tunes:


As you can imagine, this ride gets HEAVY toward the end to emphasize the “pull” part of the pedal stroke and increase activation in the hamstrings and glutes.  I like to start off with some double time running in the saddle and out (songs 2/3) and then hit it into a steady climb to build resistance (song 4).

From there I go to power climbs (starting students on beat, asking them to pick up tempo for short bursts, then add more resistance; songs 5-6) and a single/double (aka uphill/downhill; tempo AND resistance changes; song 7).  Song 8 is low resistance recovery, followed by a 2-song build to finish with full turns, all-out power pushes, and one-minute sprints (songs 9-10).

The full ride is 45 minutes long and turned my class into a sweaty, legs-burning mess this past Monday – and we’re ready to do it again on Friday!  Who’s with me?

What are your favorite songs to Spin to?

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