Weekend Roundup: Sunday Edition

You know how the Sunday paper is bigger, thicker, and full of more stuff?  Well, this is kind of the opposite – a slightly shorter, lighter roundup for your lazy Sunday reading…

Nothing more gangsta than being owned by your girlfriend’s dad…on Instagram.

Training for a mud run or obstacle race?  Try these six moves in rapid succession.

I’m all about that frequent flier mileage right now – and here’s my fave way to get miles.

I am SO overdue for a “spring edit” of my makeup vanity.

Woke up too late this morning to get my Lilly fix at Target – but at least a girl can dream.

One of my closest friends IRL opened the most thuggish ruggish shop on Etsy – check it out and spruce up your digs with gangsta attitude.

I adore the old colorful shophouses in Singapore, and this photo essay does ’em right.

Speaking of Singapore, I love tips on packing – even though I consider myself a darn good packer already…

I think any girl who works out is continually on the search for the perfect black leggings – here’s one (albeit pricy) contender.

And finally, before I head to brunch  – a delicious, healthy grain salad you can batch prep over the weekend and enjoy for lunch all week!

What’s going on in your part of the blogiverse this Sunday?  Leave me a comment!

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