Workout Wednesdays: Farewell Spin Class

So guys – I’m moving to Singapore.  I mentioned it before, but this week it started to hit home even more because I am saying goodbye multiple times every day – each session I have with a client is our last; each class I teach is my last; it’s all one big “final fling” type of feeling this week.

That said, it only made sense for my last playlist at the Fox Fitness Center to be themed around the tough (and sometimes happy/freeing) parts of saying goodbye.  Here are the tunes:


We kick in with a semi-sad country song about bein’ gone (for a warmup), then launch into a fast-paced up/down run (on 30 second intervals) to warm up legs and positions.  From there, we add big and drop into a single/double (increasing the double time resistance slightly with each drop) and maintain that resistance level into a 3-part power climb – 20, 30, and 40 second standing runs at high resistance.

Song #5 turns into a longer power climb (40, 50 and 60 second seated runs) which gets us to a scale-back portion (resistance down 1 full turn) to try and maintain a steady standing run.  By song #7 we are building back into a steady climb, then hitting 4 x 1-minute sprints at a moderate-high resistance in #8.

Finally, the ride drops into position practice (sitting, standing, aggressive/third position) on 8-count and 4-count rounds, finishing out with a Riders’ Choice sprint (3 x 45-seconds, riders choose position and intensity) and the saddest (but also, in this case, most accurate) cooldown song ever.

Should you try this one, your legs might be shaking and your heart might be heavy, but I can guarantee you that you won’t forget it – as I sincerely hope my students won’t forget me.

Do you like a themed Spin class, or do you just like to ride to some good music?

2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays: Farewell Spin Class

  1. I don’t ever spin but I totally missed that you were moving to Singapore!!! That’s amazing!!!! I can totally understand your feelings about saying goodbye though. Good luck!


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