SoCal Blogger Society: March Link-Up

So I really want to be a good member of the SoCal Blogger Society, and part of that is participating in the monthly link-ups they sponsor each month – each with a different focus, theme, and set of questions to answer.

This month’s head blogger is Chelsea from Strand Style Fashion, an awesome street style blog with a beachy vibe that focuses on classic style with a laid-back, California twist.


This month’s topic – Street Style – intrigued me because when I started ThisFitBlonde, the idea was to make this a lifestyle portal focused on fitness, food, and fashion – and so far, I’ve really gone heavy on the former and almost negated the latter (except for my red carpet critiques, of course).

Truth is, I really do fancy myself a stylish person – I have a distinct point of view on fashion and trends and strong opinions about what I wear.  The problem with my life is that I am most often found in some variation of spandex pants and neon tops, and in some state of general disarray (it’s hard to look “street stylish” when you woke up at 5am, got ready in the dark, and taught Spin class for an hour).

Despite all this, I wanted to answer at least some of the questions about my own personal style – and hopefully hear from you readers about your opinions on fashion, too!

What style trends are you loving this season?  I am so obsessed with my Christian Siriano bucket bag it’s not even funny – I feel like it brings class and freshness to everything I wear.  I am also nuts about culottes; I just bought a black culottes jumpsuit and I am dying to put it on.  And if those partial-sheer skirts are still a thing, I’m totally still on that.

What trends do you think you’ll pass on for 2015?  I cannot stand flatforms, pastels, or gingham.

Who is your style icon?  My mom!  She showed up to my house this past weekend wearing a shirt I had just bought – and she’s 30 years older than me!  I definitely look to her for ideas on how to make trends by “shopping” my own closet, and how to stay fashionable and relevant no matter your age or budget.

What are your favorite trends in “fitness” fashion?  Believe it or not, there is good style to be had within the confines of the gym walls – and I absolutely hate seeing women come in with baggy T-shirts and old sweats.  Up your game, fit people!  Even if you’re addicted to wearing black in the gym, you can change it up with cool cutouts, backless or mesh styles, or really crazy-printed pants.  And the gym is the one place it is still acceptable – and in fact, really cute – to play matchy-matchy.

What are your favorite places to shop?  Those of you who know me know that I can’t pass up a good bargain – and I love to make inexpensive pieces look sharp and on-trend.  Besides the outlet malls (at which I love J. Crew, Adidas, Kate Spade, BCBG, and Neiman Marcus Last Call), I love shopping at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Forever 21, Zara, and even Burlington Coat Factory – don’t knock ’em till you’ve shopped ’em!

Bloggers (and yes – readers!) – it’s your turn – leave your answers to these questions in the comments, or reblog them and link back to me so I can read your style insights!  Happy shopping!

Where Do You Shop & What Do You Eat?

I showed up to a private client’s home today and after a few minutes of punches and kicks (yep, we were boxing), she stopped dead and asked me:

“Where do you shop and what do you eat?”

It was an honest, if charged, question – and it made me think.  Where do I really shop? oatmealshop What do I really eat?  What am I willing to disclose about both of these habits (and yes, I definitely consider shopping for exercise clothes a “habit” of mine)?

I mean, you think it would be simple enough to answer – but it got me thinking about what I consider my “staples” – both of fashion and food – and I wanted to share them with you, my faithful readers, should the rest of you have the same questions.

If I had a million dollars (if I had a million dollars), I’d probably shop 99% of the time at lululemon*.  Let’s be honest – their pants do for your legs and buns what the Wonderbra did for boobs in the 1980s, and their prints, cuts, and styles are at the absolute forefront of fit fashion.  I have a great deal of lulu stuff, mostly pants, although I have been known to splurge on the occasional jacket, built-in bra top, and headband.

That said, I am not in fact a millionaire, and so I do about 40-50% of my activewear shopping at Old Navy.  Whereas many women my age used to scoff at Old Navy, convinced their clothes were shapeless and low quality, I have turned many of the former haters onto the “dark side” of amazing savings and high-quality workout clothes at the O-Nave.  If you haven’t poked around their site in a while, it’s worth your time – and believe me, the sales and prices you can get are unmatched anywhere else (even Target).

Speaking of Target, I put them in my “filler” category – meaning if I can’t get a quality lifetime staple from lululemon or a low-cost trendy piece from Old Navy, I “fill in” my wardrobe with stuff from Target C9, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Lucy, Under Armour, NIKE, Adidas, and even the occasional Puma.

Lest we neglect some of the cutest workout wear out there, I used to be a subscriber to both Fabletics (Kate Hudson’s apparel company) and Ellie, two of the best sources for new, creatively-designed active apparel.  I couldn’t sustain the monthly memberships to these fine resources, but rest assured that they are awesome and really well-made.

And now, onward to food.  What does a typical day of eating look like for me?

Well, I start almost every day with eggs or egg whites – hard-boiled if I’m on the run, scrambled in the microwave if I get a spare second.  If I know I have a long stretch of work ahead (i.e. like yesterday, where I went 6am-noon straight with no breaks), I’ll have a big bowl of oatmeal with a banana, flaxseed, cinnamon, and peanut butter stirred in to make sure I have the energy to get through.  Sometimes I do Bulletproof coffee but I can’t say I’m religious about it.

Once it’s time for a snack, I go for one of three combinations – an apple/pear with cashew butter, pitted Medjool dates with peanut butter, or 2% plain Greek yogurt with a Quest bar crumbled in.  These high-fat or high-protein snacks keep me going through the midday since I rarely have a proper “lunchtime,” so to speak.

If I do get to sit down and enjoy a lunch, it’s usually leftovers (whatever I made the night prior) or a salad of arugula, tuna, goat cheese, chopped apple, and walnuts, tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.  Again, real “meals” at lunch for me are rare.

For dinner, if you guys follow my Instagram you know it’s coming three nights a week from Blue Apron!  I love cooking with new, fresh ingredients and getting new ideas for healthy and tasty meals, so I’m a devotee there.  But I almost always cook for dinner – rarely does a night go by when we do “lazy dinner” (canned tuna, chili, or pasta) – I make it a point to cook fresh meals for myself and my fiance, and I think it’s a crucial part of our commitment to health and wellness in our own home.

But wait – doesn’t she ever have a sweet treat?  Yes, of course – but I only keep dark, dark chocolate in my house.  I used to keep ice cream, cookies, or other “indulgent” treats and promise myself I could portion them out appropriately – but after hundreds (thousands?) of failures to do just that, I gave up – and I don’t allow those foods in my home anymore.  I can control myself around a square of dark chocolate; I can’t around a creamy pint of Chunky Monkey – so I “block” myself from bringing it in the house.

Where do you shop (for activewear) – and what do you eat regularly?  Tell me

*you should know that during the writing of this post I actually went over to the lululemon website and purchased a jacket and pants.  #addict

Sunday Special: On My Radar

I swear my brain is programmed to desire shopping more during the holiday season.  We’ve been indoctrinated from a young age that the holidays are for gift-giving, and with Black Friday less than a week away, my urge to shop is rising.  And I’ve been giving in.

Case in point?  This weekend brought mini-splurges at the Bella + Canvas sample sale, a friend’s Chloe + Isabel show, and even Bed, Bath & Beyond (where I found this amazing hashtag light-up sign for the wedding!).  Sigh.  Who am I to fight the power of the season?

That said, I haven’t done an On My Radar post in a while, so here we go – a special holiday edition of OMR – perhaps more like a Dear Santa?  Enjoy!

Is there anything more calming than the scent of chamomile?  I was recently tipped off to an amazing eye makeup remover that smells of it, and I am now obsessed with slowly making every scent in my bathroom include some hint of chamomile (even better: with honey!) by the end of the year.  Come to find out – the Body Shop has a whole line of the stuff, in varying levels of intensity.  Just say ahhhh…..

I’ve gotten so used to my old, stinky, black gym backpack that I forget there are actual cute, stylish options out there.  This one is deceptively glam, with a Birkin-bag look and amazing functionality (yes, it actually holds a water bottle, gym clothes, and shoes in there!).  I have no idea how much shipping would be as this one’s only available across the pond, but dang, is it nice to look at.

I’ve been really hooked on this metallic teal eyeliner I’ve been wearing lately, and it’s got me thinking: what other colored eyeliners would really pop?  Cue the Dior Addict-It liquid eyeliner in hot pink – I am pretty sure I need it, whether I layer it with black (the subtle way) or lay it on thick across my eyelids (the Manda way, let’s be honest).  I found it once at Sephora but haven’t seen it again since, and I fear it will be discontinued before I actually get up the courage to bite the bullet.

Of course I love jewelry – my favorite mug (given to me by a dear friend) reads, “Accessories are Necessities” – and it’s true!  But what I don’t have is the perfect simple-yet-statement necklace that is versatile (gold-plate goes with everything!) but creative enough to actually make a statement – oh, and did I mention it’s cheap to boot?  This is a total find and would be adorable for any world traveler – or those with world traveling aspirations.

If any of you out there reading are my personal training clients, you know I love me some Bosu.  The Bosu (which for the rest of you is that weird half-ball thing you see floating around gym floors) comes in one color: blue.  That is, until recently.  They introduced a beautiful hot pink one (priced almost 50% higher than the original, natch) to raise money for breast cancer research and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  Who wants a plain ol’ blue Bosu when you can have PINK?!?!  I mean, come on.

I just realized that pretty much everything I’ve posted here is either a beauty or fitness product (what does this tell you about my life?).  Let’s break the mold here with something really wild – home decor!  Ok, maybe not so wild.  And I just realized that I already have the map theme established with the necklace above – but whatever, I love maps.  And this Cost Plus 6-Canvas Map Set is such a cool way to display a map in your home without looking cheesy or overdone.  I can totally see it on the massive white expanse that is our living room wall.

And finally – the piece de resistance – even though I just bought two amazing pairs of sneakers from the Adidas outlet sale, I can’t get my mind off the sweet sweet kicks that are Nike Flyknit Free 3.0.  They just look so dang light and socklike, yet still functional and appropriate for both work and looking awesome on the street.  One day I will have you, my pretties (and hey – they’ve already marked down from $140 to $99, so anything can happen).

That’s my Christmas list in progress, guys, but I’d love to hear what you’re looking for this holiday season!

What’s on your Dear Santa list?  What can’t wait for Christmas – i.e. what’s on your Black Friday list?

Weekend Roundup: Spreading Some Link Love

They say that the best bloggers regularly visit and read other blogs – so I’ve been trying to spread my love around the Internet as much as possible, compiling only the best links for my ThisFitBlonde Facebook page (please go visit!) and reading up on topics as diverse as makeup tips, fitness trends, wedding planning, fashion looks, travel ideas, party planning concepts, new recipes, and all sorts of other stuff that I find pertinent to a well-rounded wellness lifestyle.

That said, I figured you guys might want to know where I’m getting some of my great tips and links, so each weekend, instead of writing up one of my witty and interesting (cough) posts, I’ll share some of my favorite bloggers and posts.  Sound good?  Here we go.

Are you as obsessed with coconut as I am?  Check out these amazing – and easy – coconut spread recipes.

I’m planning a wedding.  And I LOVE color.  This pop-art wedding inspiration shoot makes me smile.

When you run, you get ravenous.  So here are some ways to tame your running hunger – yes, it’s called runger.

I get wildly different responses from others when I am wearing makeup and not.  This could be why.

Don’t let your confidence be dictated by your skinny jeans.  That said, said jeans can make for a great workout idea.

Small spaces baffle me – what to do with no real room for design?  Turns out you can do the whole thing on $500 or less.

I try not to splurge on workout tops, as said.  But this cheeky one might have to be my exception.

What have you been reading online lately?  Any amazing blogs I should know about??






On My Radar

Let me get one thing straight: I AM NOT A PACKRAT.  No, really.  I hate clutter and “collections” and any sort of extra stuff lingering around the house.  But what I do have is a slight addiction to reading magazines – I subscribe to over 13 different titles – and when I read them, I tear pages out and put them in little piles next to my desk.

These piles are not necessarily organized but they do have “themes,” such as recipes, fashion inspiration, or workout ideas.  So in an effort to both force myself to get through the piles and also share some of the gems I find in my copious magazine research, I figured I’d post a few of my current finds here so you guys can see what’s on my lifestyle radar.

First off, you should all know I’m obsessed with makeup.  Yes, I wear makeup when I work out (super waterproofed!).  Yes, I am a VIB at Sephora (going for VIB Rouge this year, dammit!).  Yes, I have multiple versions of every single product you can imagine – but I only wear one brand of mascara (Dior Iconic Overcurl) and will never waver.  So lots of the stuff on my radar is related to or specifically makeup.

Like this AMAZE M.A.C. brush.  I have foundation brushes big and small; flat and round; mineral and liquid – you name it.  But what I do not have is this oval brush, and it is huge and amazing (also $42, and also impossibly hard to find).  DYING.

Speaking of brushes, I also have a bumper crop of bronzers, because I truly do use it every day (gotta get my fake tan on, you know).  I am dying to try Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer – put on after Un Nuit a Bali Intense Exfoliating Scrub.  Gotta get my glow on.

Moving on, of course I am addicted to all things fit fashion – so the (relatively) new Live Love Dream line from Aeropostale basically has my name on it.  ARE YOU SEEING THESE $22 LEGGINGS?  They might as well already have my legs inside them.

But to wear leggings like that you gotta work your ass off – literally.  So I subscribe to Oxygen magazine to ensure that I am getting “real” weightlifting ideas – not just the crap in the girly magazines that tell you to pick up 2-pound weights and spin them around.  And Kathleen Tesori’s fat-burning program is no joke – I plan to use a modified version as I prepare for my upcoming wedding (because I am going to be a BUFF bride!).

Does anyone else struggle with chipped manicures?  I mean, I feel like the second I walk out of the salon, my nails are already shot, and the dream of a weeklong chip-free manicure is oh-so-far away.  That said, I am dying to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – I can’t commit to getting to the salon every week or even every two, so perhaps an at-home gel is the way to go.  Anyone tried this one – or another brand?

Somehow I’ve found myself on a Bollywood dance mailing list, which both amuses and scares me (perhaps my open Twitter love for So You Think You Can Dance outed me?).  I loved the few times I took Bollywood at the dance studio I attend here in L.A. but I could never picture myself learning some of the more advanced movements – it’s such a challenging dance style!  That said, I just got a brochure for ARYA Dance Academy and it’s got me thinking about my Bollywood dance dreams yet again…

And finally, our wedding registry.  The monster of wedding-related responsibilities, in some ways this is the biggest deal because the gifts you receive for your wedding day are really the only things you have left after the flowers, decorations, and food is gone – they’re the most important decision you make in wedding planning and yet they often get swept aside in favor of more immediate wedding tasks.  I keep going back and forth between wanting to revamp every single thing we have in the house or simply building on what we are already doing decor-wise – and the poor registry is constantly in flux and unfinished.  One thing I’m absolutely sure we need is this adorable asparagus platter from Crate & Barrel.  I am such a sucker for serving dishes and this one is too cute!

What is on your radar right now?  Do you keep ideas/products somewhere for reference (besides Pinterest)?