Weekend Roundup

It’s been a lovely week – not as stressful as last week, and full of exciting events (Disneyland!  Blue Apron!  Family in town!).  That said, I’ve got fall and Halloween fully on my mind – as I’m sure many of us do – so the roundup reflects some of the best parts of the season – with some DIY surprises along the way to boot (get it?  BOOT?  ROUNDUP?  Ok, I’m done):

What kind of party host are you?  Unsurprisingly, I’m a BYOB hostess.  You can always come over with beer in hand.

Who doesn’t need more easy $10 homemade meals in their recipe arsenal?  I sure do.

Sick of wrapped-up licorice and tiny Snickers?  Try these grown-up (and very indulgent) Halloween treats.

Ever just done a stone-cold Pinterest search for the word “pumpkin?”  Now you have.  You’re welcome.

You guys know I am obsessed with bathing.  These easy drugstore and at-home detox mixes are making it worse.

She refers to the amount of mascara she wears as a “shedload,” so clearly we are kindred spirits.  Love her daytime look.

I can never “do” a white button-up in the way the fashion kids do.  But this slideshow makes me want to try.

I’m feeling SUPER lazy about Halloween this year.  Maybe something like this is my equally lazy solution.

Have you found THE quintessential pumpkin recipe yet?  What’s buzzing around your corner of the virtual world?

Spring/Summer 2015 Activewear in Review

We all love NYFW (New York Fashion Week), right? (well, if you don’t, it’s probably about time to click on through this post).  I sure as heck do.  But what I love most in recent years is seeing the way that the activewear trend – whether you want to call it sportif, yoga-to-brunch, or the slew of other adjectives describing the way gym clothes are increasingly becoming mainstream – is absolutely here to stay.

I don’t fancy myself any sort of fashion expert, but I am buying gym clothes almost every week, and I am definitely clued in to what is “hot” among the leading fitness-fashion retailers (think lululemon, Athleta, Lucy, Old Navy, Target C9, Nike, Adidas/Stella McCartney, live love dream, and Under Armour, to name just a few of my faves).  The Athleta show at NYFW was probably the most amazing thing to happen all week, and lots of bloggers are following new fit fashion labels even if they’re not strutting down the runways.

That said, I have strong opinions on some of the Spring 2015 trends in terms of how they apply to fit fashion.

First of all, let’s talk jackets.  I am so sick of sweatshirt hoodies I could just scream – and apparently designers have heard my cries, because all over the runways this year were cool-looking, parka-and-windbreaker inspired pieces (like this one from Rag & Bone) that, when thrown over a pair of textured black running tights and paired with some sweet neon kicks, could really elevate your typical “Starbucks after Spin” look.  The fact that they’re coming out in all shapes and sizes – crops, prints, hooded, asymmetrical seaming – makes the trend even more fun.

How about my girl Dianne Von Furstenberg?  I have loved her stuff since the early days of the office-to-cocktails wrap dress, but what I love about her S/S 2015 is the color-overlaid black and white oversized gingham print.  There is nothing I love more than a “traditional” print all over activewear (one of my favorite lulu prints of all time was their black and white floral, which I basically bought out and wear every single week) – it looks so fresh, modern and unexpected.  Here’s hoping we get us some high-quality spandex gingham looks soon!

This next one might be a little controversial, mainly because it is difficult – nay, damn near impossible – for the fitness clothing industry to get right.  Get what right?  Get white right.  The dearth of white fitness apparel is a practical problem – white is often see-through, which in skintight clothing, just isn’t attractive.  Add to that the fact that gyms are dirty, sweaty places, where even non-white pieces are subject to skids and drips, and I “get it” that white doesn’t seem the most practical activewear hue.  That said, I love it – it looks clean, it matches everything you have (like the million pairs of black capris you have clogging up the gym-clothes drawer), it’s eye-catching amid a sea of black and neon, and it makes even the seemingly-outdated all white gym shoes look cool again. Victoria Beckham and DKNY were doing it all right in their S/S 2015 shows, where mixing textures – sheer, wool, stretchy, loose – made the white even more interesting (and yes, gym-ready).

And finally, one of the best runway-to-real life trends I keep coming back to – particularly in my gym clothing – is menswear.  Crossfit has really started bringing this back to the mainstream fit fashion world through its nearly-cultish emphasis on high socks, Converse, and muscle tees.  But what I like in the S/S shows this year is a true embracing of menswear styling with very feminine cuts.  Matching printed suits (like this awesome giant pastel gingham combo from Oscar de la Renta) could be awesome if interpreted as tank and capri sets, and bomber jackets (which are blissfully pushing through to 2015) in satin and lace are the epitome of sporty-cool to me.

I think there’s definitely room for fitness, fashion, and practicality to meet and I love to see fashion labels pushing the envelope by making sneakers and sweats as much as I love to see fitness brands like lululemon deliberately expanding into streetwear (although we all wear those pants all over town already anyway, right girls?).

Do you keep up with runway fashion?  Which trends would you like to see translated into fitness clothing?