Breaking Down

Those who know me know I never get sick.  BECAUSE I DON’T.  Except when I kind of do.

I woke up yesterday after 8.5 (glorious!) hours of sleep with drymouth and a scratchy throat.  I knew what it meant.  I just refused to accept it.  I worked all day yesterday, ran 6.5 miles at 7:30pm, got home around 9 and still had two hours of work to catch up on.  I fell asleep at around 11:30 and had to be up at 5, at which point I thought I’d just “power through” the day.

Well, that “power” lasted about three hours.  I took two clients.  I ran 4 miles.  And then I came home and barely made it to the couch before passing out again.  

I hate this feeling.  How do people deal with this?  I want to keep pushing and pretend I’m OK, but I acknowledge when my body is sending me a loud and clear message.

It doesn’t hurt that there’s a Simpsons Marathon on TV, let’s just be real.  That will make anyone feel better.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully feeling better, and definitely trying to pump myself full of sleep and vegetables – the only two cures that I truly believe in.

What are your surefire “feel a cold coming on” home remedies?

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