Weekend Roundup

Happy Saturday!  Time for the weekend roundup, where I let you guys in on a little bit of what I’ve been jiving on lately.

It is my life dream to have my “gym ponytail” look anything like this.

Want to impress your friends with an appetizer that’s as easy to make as hummus but WAY fancier?  It’s time to make muhammara.

Still debating how to place the rose petals for my wedding aisle; this design is definitely a top contender.

A weekend roundup post of another blogger’s weekend roundup.  Whoa, meta.

Am I too old to wear a Barbie-insignia leotard?  Nah.

If you aren’t eating avocados for dessert, you are truly missing out on one of life’s great (healthy) pleasures.

I plan on having kids one day.  I will never, ever bestow upon them this horrible and idiotic fate.

What have you been checking out online lately?  Any great reads or tips?

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