Would Amanda Eat It?

I was three people back in the Starbucks line, and oddly enough, every single one of the three people in front of me ordered the same thing:

“A skinny vanilla latte, please.”

It made me think – here were three very different people (a middle-aged man, a young college-age woman, and a middle-aged woman), all determined to order the same drink – so what’s the appeal?

The official Starbucks website says, “If you’re thinking about cutting back on fat, you needn’t feel like you’re making a compromise.”  The difference between the “skinny” versions of the Starbucks latte and the regular versions are that these have no whipped cream, are made with non-fat milk, and use sugar-free flavored syrups.

Sounds decent, right?  But would Amanda eat it?

The good:

  • compared to the regular version of the vanilla latte, the “skinny” saves you 130 calories, 6g fat, and 35 whopping grams of sugar (!)
  • you’ll also decrease the butterfat-related cholesterol (only 5mg versus 25mg in the original)
  • hey, it tastes pretty darn good

The bad:

  • unlike the regular syrups, the “sugar-free” syrups actually contain gluten
  • skim milk is still cow’s milk, which I recommend most people eliminate from their diet for many reasons
  • the sugar-free syrups contain more than just gluten – they contain maltodextrin (the aforementioned gluten) and sucralose (Splenda, which has its own host of issues)

The verdict:

  • I had a skinny cinnamon dolce latte once, and while it tasted great, it left me with a weird sticky-sick feeling that I couldn’t kick all day – so no, Amanda would not eat it.  Long ago I made the switch to Americanos (espresso with hot water) with a splash of coconut milk and cinnamon and never looked back.

The alternative:

What’s your morning beverage of choice?  What do you order at Starbucks or similar?

12 thoughts on “Would Amanda Eat It?

  1. People don’t know how to eat and they are easily manipulated by advertising and trends. In the end like those three people they end up by drinking the same things. There is no more individualism anymore or notion or notion of what is good or not. Too much sugar too much fat. I always keep my food and cooking as simple and tasty as I can and it pays off health wise.


  2. This used to be my #1 Sbux drink too! Lately, I’ve been avoiding Starbucks (gasp!) because I prefer almond milk in my latte but if I do go I either get a black iced tea or a coconut milk latte then sweeten it with a stevia packet from Trader Joes. Would Amanda use a Stevia packet? – Jenny G aka The LA Good Wife


  3. Starbucks now offers coconut milk!?! That’s awesome! I rarely indulge in coffee out but I think I soon will have to treat myself to a Starbucks hazelnut macchiato with coconut milk.
    Morning bev is usually a french press coffee at home.


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