The Privilege of Exercise

As I was out running today (64 and sunny, light breeze, sun behind me to the west – a perfect L.A. day, by the way), a thought hit me:

G*ddamn I’m lucky.

There were so many things going on as I ran that made me realize how lucky – or, to use a more accurate term, privileged – I am for having the ability to exercise.  What do I mean?

How many people do you know that have the motivation to exercise but are not physically able or capable due to injury, weight, or disability?

How many people do you know that have the time to exercise but not the will, due to depression, fear, or shame?

How many people do you know that are physically able and motivated to exercise but can’t find the time, due to family, work, or other competing commitments?

Because of my job, my life stage, my body, and my mind, I am able to put together all the “moving pieces” of a consistent and effective exercise routine – and I realize how rare that really is, especially in today’s world.

Our daily lives are full of these little – and big – realizations of privilege.  Something as simple as being able to feel the breeze on your face, having comfortable clothes and shoes to wear, having the ability to go outside in a place that is safe from harm, knowing you can come home to a place with clean water and healthy food – all of these are truly life’s gifts – and not ones to be taken for granted.

Next time you’re thinking about skipping your workout, consider this: what if the privilege – or even the option – of exercise was suddenly taken away from you?  

How wistfully would you look back and wish you could have done it while you still could – while you had the time, the youth, the motivation, the health level, the whatever-it-is that you have NOW that is allowing you to move your body freely and beautifully?

Get out there and move, readers.  Exercise your privilege…to exercise.  It’s worth it.

What workouts make you feel grateful?  What “everyday” privileges are you thankful for?

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